Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Volunteer Management System
New Volunteers: Please enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. You will be prompted to complete a new Volunteer Application. For assistance, contact your volunteer coordinator.
Previous Volunteers: Enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Your previous application will be loaded and you can update it and be re-activated for the current School Year. Volunteer Program Login
For information regarding the collection, use or release of Social Security Numbers of volunteers please click here. SSN:
To use this system: Javascript must be Enabled in your browser. Click for Help.
If your are using American On-Line to access this program and experience problems:
  • Minimize AOL
  • Open Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Copy the following web address: http://volunteer.ocps.net
  • Paste or type it into the address area of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser window
  • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to go to our site
  • Legal authorization to screen volunteers
    All potential volunteers are required to complete an Orange County Public Schools Volunteer application. This application is the tool which OCPS utilizes to screen applicants under the provisions of the:
  • Foley Amendment, the National Child Protection Act, and the matching Florida legislation under section 943.0542, F.S. (1999)
  • May 21, 2004 SB 1774/House Bill 0891 Relating to Conducting Search of names or identifying information against the Sexual Predators/Offenders Database maintained by Florida Department of Law Enforcement at: www.myflorida.com, enter sexual predator in Key word search area, then click in Sexual Offenders / Predators Information & Search
  • The School Board of Orange County, Florida utilizes Florida Statutes 435.04 Level 2 (2) as the criteria to screen volunteers